Text Format Code For Whatsapp & Plurk

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Assalammu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarokatuh

Because I often use the following text format code, it’s good to write it here so I don’t forget.

I. Whatsapp Format Text Code

1. Bold

*Hello World* –> Hello World

2. Italic

_Hello World_ –> Hello World

3. Strikethrough

~Hello World~ –> Hello World 

4. Monospace

“`Hello World“` –>

Hello World

II. Plurk Format Text Code (Basic)

1. Bold

**Hello World** –> Hello World

2. Italic

*Hello World* –> Hello World

3. Strikethrough

–Hello World– –> Hello World 

4. Courier Font
`Hello World` –>

Hello World

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Pencurian Password Aplikasi Zoom

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Zoom? Siapa sih yang tidak tahu aplikasi ini. Apalagi jika kamu dari kalangan akademisi. Yup, terus terang saya sendiri baru mengenal Zoom ini sekitar Agustus 2019. Telat ya 😌
Dan tiba-tiba langsung melejit seiring adanya wabah Pandemi Covid-19 ini.

Beberapa waktu lalu muncul kabar tentang bobolnya 530 ribu akun Zoom. Kalau menurutku itu sebenarnya bukan karena Zoom security-nya lemah atau Zoom memperjual belikan informasi pengguna tapi karena kesalahan user sendiri.

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Taktik Marketing Yang Aneh Salah Satu Peserta FKI 2011

•June 15, 2011 • 2 Comments

Setiap ada pameran komputer, mesti saat yang tepat (terutama bagi saya ) untuk berburu barang dengan harga murah . Banyak barang yang kulihat termasuk Galaxy Tab.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Kebetulan ada pameran Festival Komputer Indonesia (FKI) 2011 di Jogja Expo Center (JEC) kemarin. Kalau dilihat, sepertinya pameran ini lebih sukses dari pameran sebelumnya, National IT Expo (NIX) 2011.

Ticket Box FKI 2011

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First Gathering of Koprol Chapter Jogja and Solo

•February 21, 2010 • 21 Comments

Koprol is a location based microblogging, it’s 100% made in Indonesia. For more info, maybe you can watch this vclip from one of Koprol’s founder.

Or maybe you can read an article from our friend: Yohang’s Blog. But unfortunately he couldn’t came. But he had responded my post. Maybe he had another agenda.

From Ardhis’s idea, we agreed to had a gathering for Koprollers in Jogja and Solo (we named Kopijos: Koproller ing Jogja Solo). Then he asked us where and when we did the gathering. And Mas Iwan told how about in Alun-Alun Kidul (South City Field), then we’re agreed.

But Alun-Alun Kidul is wide, so I asked again where exactly we will met. I suggest in Pendopo Sasono Hinggil, then they’re agreed.

So, we did a gathering on Saturday night, Feb 20, 2010 at 7.30 pm.
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What Happened In Jogja In The End of 2009?

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These my past event documentation. I know it’s pretty late. I was 1 month ago I was taken these pics exactly on the first day in 2010.

But “better late than nothing”, right?

I just want to share what happen in Jogja city in the new year eve. It was an event named “Jogja Biennale X 2009”. There’s some changes in the city by adding decorations, statues, paintings, etc. In this post, it’s not all the city I took the pic, but just around Malioboro and Taman Siswa street.

Our trip began from Malioboro street.

There’s a big puppet before you enter the Malioboro street.

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My Thanksgiving At Lab

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Actually this occassion happened on last wednesday, Feb 10, 2010. In order to celebrate my graduation, me and my lab friends had a thanksgiving. This is the documentation of my graduation: Graduation Ceremony in FB or if you don’t want to login to FB, you can see here: Graduation Ceremony in MP.

Ya, it was 3 months ago I graduated (Nov 14) but just now we can do the thanksgiving. It because we’re waiting for our friends (read: former assistants) who already works outside of Jogja to come here (in Lab). Actually we had planned to gathered in the end of year 2009, but maybe many of us are busy (actually not me, cause I’ve time in last new year holiday ^^). And suddenly our Lab Chief, Mrs. Suci Ardiningsih or we called Miss Cicik called me. She told me that 2 of our friends, that are Freddy and Malik, had visited our lab on Monday, Feb 8, 2010 and they will visited again on Wednesday, Feb 10.

Freddy has working in Roman Ceramics in Tangerang and Malik still has working in Qatar. Malik had came back to Indonesia twice. He already works there for 3 years and the contract is for 8 years, so it’s still 5 years again.. 🙂

On Monday night, I asked my course friend, Boy, where’s the nice place to have lunch which is near from our lab? And then he answered, in Lombok Idjo. It’s about 2 kilos from our lab. And on Wednesday, I asked my lab friends again and Miss Cicik suggested us in there also. Actually I have chosen the place but it’s near Selokan Mataram. Unfortunately, we couldn’t left the Lab cause there were students who wanted to register for the Lab Work class. So, if we can’t go there, it better for us to buy lunch box. Then I went with my friend Ian.

And this is when we started to eat.

From My Thanksgiving

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Google Buzz!!

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Last morning I opened my Gmail and I got surprised there’s a new feature, Gmail Buzz. If you used to use Microblogging site such as Twitter, Plurk, Koprol, etc, I bet you won’t be confused about this feature. Maybe I’m late to post in this blog, cause I just have time now. Last morning, I just updated my status here: http://www.plurk.com/p/3q8lu9 and http://koprol.com/s/28sx.

This is first appearance if you open your gmail after this feature was added.


GoogleBuzz Appearance in Gmail

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My Desk Shot At Night

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I’m curios to test my cam’s feature. So I did this 🙂

I shot this pic last night.  Hehe..  I just idly when doing that 🙂

My Room

My Desk 1st pic

I wonder how can the 2nd pic wobble is like moving around (make a circle)?

My Room

My Desk 2nd pic

My hands just shook up and down not circle (moving around)  🙂
Why’s that happen?

My Fish Has Been Eaten by An Ugly Cat!

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This morning I’ve something that make me annoyed.

Huh!, I hate this cat so much! This morning she ate one of my fish!
I know, she has been watching for all my fish from yesterday afternoon. Maybe she has hurt one of the fish. And this morning, after I did morning pray, my fish has gone one piece 😦


I hate this cat

Any suggestion to prevent this cat not to eat my fish again?

Just For Frensis Rezi and Warsidi

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This post is dedicated to my Senior High School friend, Rezi. And my course friend, Mas Sidi.
And also my parents. If you’re not one of them, pls dont read this 🙂

I hope the subjects who we talk about dont read this post also. Cause I think it’s impossible for the subject to find this blog. Maybe there’s possibility for them to find this blog. But I think it’s not easy and nearly impossible hehe..

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