The Ambarukmo Plaza Was On Fire Yesterday Evening

Many people got freaked out and screamed on last Saturday night. This is the news from Ambarukmo Plaza Yogyakarta Kebakaran.

It just a electricity circuit shorted from a water heater in one of the tenant.
That is Pastello Dining Resto in 4th floor near Taman Sari Food Court.
And from outside it looked a smoke from the top floor.

Actually I had lunch there, in Dec 18, 2009. It was long time ago ya 😀
Cause it’s my first time have eat in luxurious resto like that. *Maklum, wong ndeso haha*

It was me and my friends. OK, have a look at this pic:

Playing my friend's cellphone

I borrowed my friend’s cellphone. It looks like E71 😀
I was confused to set up the WLAN settings. After I focus to the pic, I just realize my friends was using mobile phone too, same like me :))

And this is I’m waiting for my lunch… huf… so long to wait 🙂

Waiting for my lunch

And this is my order: Tenderloin Steak. Actually this is my first time eat this ha ha ha (lol)
You know what? This costs Rp.58 thousand lho…
I ordered with Jasmine Ice Tea. The chocolate coloured drink. It costs about Rp.6 thousand.
The hotspot is free for 2 hours, more than that you must buy the voucher 🙂
I feel it’s fast enough if we browse from cellphone or open mobile website 😀
But I dont tried to open heavy website 🙂
And here they are, Bon Appétit!

My Tenderloin
*Sstt…actually I’m still hungry after ate that.. hah…*

And this is our trip back to…. *ada deh*

We're back to office

Huft.. after lunch we continue our agenda again 🙂 Thanks a lot for reading. And leave me a comment pls 🙂

~ by Rahmat Miftahul Habib on January 24, 2010.

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