Google Buzz!!

Last morning I opened my Gmail and I got surprised there’s a new feature, Gmail Buzz. If you used to use Microblogging site such as Twitter, Plurk, Koprol, etc, I bet you won’t be confused about this feature. Maybe I’m late to post in this blog, cause I just have time now. Last morning, I just updated my status here: and

This is first appearance if you open your gmail after this feature was added.


GoogleBuzz Appearance in Gmail

“Welcome to Buzz” Box is just the introduction. You can close by click on  the cross sign in the right top corner of the box and that message won’t appear again. Other way, you can click button “Okay” in below the box.

Besides your name, there’s a link “8 connected sites”. Number 8 is depend on your google affiliated sites that you’ve joined.

Connected Sites

Gmail Connected Sites

And after you added those sites, in Buzz section (the link located in left sidebar below Inbox),  you can see the newest posts of your connected sites.
And the last box is your friends responses of your status.

The advantage of this feature is you can know your friends online status :yay:
But the weakness is the timeline/stream not sorted by time. So we difficult to track old messages. Maybe Google will fix this or make other innovation to prevent this confusion.
And sometimes there’s error when we try to give comment or liking status. I’ve checked I’m still login, maybe their internal system error 😀

Appearance in Gmail

Appearance in Gmail

~ by Rahmat Miftahul Habib on February 11, 2010.

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