What Happened In Jogja In The End of 2009?

These my past event documentation. I know it’s pretty late. I was 1 month ago I was taken these pics exactly on the first day in 2010.

But “better late than nothing”, right?

I just want to share what happen in Jogja city in the new year eve. It was an event named “Jogja Biennale X 2009”. There’s some changes in the city by adding decorations, statues, paintings, etc. In this post, it’s not all the city I took the pic, but just around Malioboro and Taman Siswa street.

Our trip began from Malioboro street.

There’s a big puppet before you enter the Malioboro street.

A few paintings in Malioboro street. Installed on flagpoles in the center street divider.

A painting of the letter to a girl.

The closest painting to us is Ki Hajar Dewantara picture. He established Taman Siswa Education institution in Taman Siswa street.

I don’t know what is it. A dolphin like- stone statue?

And what is it too? Maybe just handicraft.

The Malioboro street condition. Do you see the flag? Why we just set the flag in a half pole? Because in the end of year 2009, one of former Indonesian president had passed away, he is Mr. Abdurrahman Wahid or we called him Gus Dur.

If you noticed the Trending Topic in Twitter, the word “Gus Dur” and “Abdurrahman wahid” had become the trending topic in Wednesday evening (Dec 30, 2009).

The unfinished president statues in A. Yani street (south of Malioboro street or in zero kilometer cross junction).

1st president Soekarno’s unfinished statue.

2nd president Soeharto’s unfinished statue.

3rd president Habibie’s unfinished statue.

4th president Gus Dur’s unfinished statue. Sorry, many people disturbed when this pic was taken. That wasn’t my finger.

5th president Megawati’s unfinished statue.

6th president SBY’s unfinished statue.

Creative, but the cans can make people perception as an commercial of the product 😀

Look closer.

The big paintings in zero kilometer cross junction.

I don’t understand what it means. A man or creature?

Our National Heroes.

Trikora street facing north.

Trikora street facing south.

Abu Bakar Ali street (before you enter the Malioboro street).

Abu Bakar Ali parking area.

Mataram Street.

Plengkung Gadhing (Southern Gate of Kraton Kasultanan Palace).

The Jogja’s artisans.

In Plengkung Gadhing’s traffic lights.

A giant broom stick.

South City Field (Alun-Alun Kidul).

This is to criticize people who like to littering 😀

Is here ever happened people hanged?

How many yellow tapes to make that?

Feel a little bit scary if it’s in middle of night ya 😀

The graffities in Kraton Palace area.

Javanese female with traditional clothes.

Simbok Croft (lol)

Scary scene too 🙂

The Eye of The Ring?

Located in East Corner Fort (Jokteng Wetan) cross junction.

Taman Siswa Street. This was New Year holiday, so it’s quiet. But honestly this street is so crowded (doh)

Nice idea, The “Zebra” Zebra Cross 😀

That’s all. I hope you like it.

~ by Rahmat Miftahul Habib on February 19, 2010.

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