My Thanksgiving At Lab

Actually this occassion happened on last wednesday, Feb 10, 2010. In order to celebrate my graduation, me and my lab friends had a thanksgiving. This is the documentation of my graduation: Graduation Ceremony in FB or if you don’t want to login to FB, you can see here: Graduation Ceremony in MP.

Ya, it was 3 months ago I graduated (Nov 14) but just now we can do the thanksgiving. It because we’re waiting for our friends (read: former assistants) who already works outside of Jogja to come here (in Lab). Actually we had planned to gathered in the end of year 2009, but maybe many of us are busy (actually not me, cause I’ve time in last new year holiday ^^). And suddenly our Lab Chief, Mrs. Suci Ardiningsih or we called Miss Cicik called me. She told me that 2 of our friends, that are Freddy and Malik, had visited our lab on Monday, Feb 8, 2010 and they will visited again on Wednesday, Feb 10.

Freddy has working in Roman Ceramics in Tangerang and Malik still has working in Qatar. Malik had came back to Indonesia twice. He already works there for 3 years and the contract is for 8 years, so it’s still 5 years again.. 🙂

On Monday night, I asked my course friend, Boy, where’s the nice place to have lunch which is near from our lab? And then he answered, in Lombok Idjo. It’s about 2 kilos from our lab. And on Wednesday, I asked my lab friends again and Miss Cicik suggested us in there also. Actually I have chosen the place but it’s near Selokan Mataram. Unfortunately, we couldn’t left the Lab cause there were students who wanted to register for the Lab Work class. So, if we can’t go there, it better for us to buy lunch box. Then I went with my friend Ian.

And this is when we started to eat.

From My Thanksgiving

He is Malik that I mentioned above. And next to him, the person who wore gray and navy jumper is Freddy.

From My Thanksgiving

And here we are, before we left the lab.

From My Thanksgiving

Freddy had left us before we took these photographs.

From My Thanksgiving

There only one man who can save the world..
no.. no.. not that, one man who always steady for the cam hehe *peace*

From My Thanksgiving

He is Ian 🙂

This is before we left the lab.

From My Thanksgiving

We’ve got a new printer+scanner.

From My Thanksgiving

This is a gift from my Lab friends.

From My Thanksgiving

And this is opened.

From My Thanksgiving

You’re welcome Miss, glad to be a part of Lab’s crew.

This is the front cover.

From My Thanksgiving

And this is the back cover.

From My Thanksgiving


~ by Rahmat Miftahul Habib on February 15, 2010.

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