First Gathering of Koprol Chapter Jogja and Solo

Koprol is a location based microblogging, it’s 100% made in Indonesia. For more info, maybe you can watch this vclip from one of Koprol’s founder.

Or maybe you can read an article from our friend: Yohang’s Blog. But unfortunately he couldn’t came. But he had responded my post. Maybe he had another agenda.

From Ardhis’s idea, we agreed to had a gathering for Koprollers in Jogja and Solo (we named Kopijos: Koproller ing Jogja Solo). Then he asked us where and when we did the gathering. And Mas Iwan told how about in Alun-Alun Kidul (South City Field), then we’re agreed.

But Alun-Alun Kidul is wide, so I asked again where exactly we will met. I suggest in Pendopo Sasono Hinggil, then they’re agreed.

So, we did a gathering on Saturday night, Feb 20, 2010 at 7.30 pm.

While we waiting for our friend, Effranr, we had a chit-chat in this balcony (pendopo -red).

And after Effrarr came, we moved to the east of Alun-Alun.

We ordered Wedhang Ronde, a Javanese traditional drink with ginger, white bread, peanut, kolang-kaling fruit (made from palm tree seeds), and rice flour ball. Some people sometimes add sweetened condensed milk.

That’s Kintar‘s phone when he used to browsing Koprol. It was cost Rp.4000, but if it’s not weekend or holiday the price is Rp.3000. And the parking fee increased to Rp.2000

People who sat down in my right side.

And this is me ^_^



Before we went back home.

I’m sorry, my sticker is on my bag, so it takes time to grab it.

In that gathering, I met the owner of Kafe 17. I used to visit that cafe just for reunion or just met my old friend. And he’s a cousin of my old best friend, Agung. And the person that I mean is Mas Iwan.
For a long time, I just know now?
That’s because Agung never told me about the cafe. He prefer to keep the secret 🙂

If you want to see pic in original resolution (raw files), download it here: Approximately 52 MB

This is the vid documentation:


We agreed next time gathering is on April but not at night, cause most of our female koproller can’t go out at night. See ya.

~ by Rahmat Miftahul Habib on February 21, 2010.

21 Responses to “First Gathering of Koprol Chapter Jogja and Solo”

  1. kops in surabaya will conduct gathering at first week of march 2010. eventhough i am from lamongan but i join sukoco or surabaya koprol community because there are only 18 koprollers in lamongan n i am the only active member. 😥

  2. Hehe funny name, like a Kroncong Singer .
    How long it takes from Lamongan to Surabaya ya? I never go to Lamongan 🙂

  3. about 1,5-2 hours by motorcycle. depends on the traffic n the destination. i usually go there once in a month to meet my friends, even just for having lunch together. u should visit lamongan one day, it’s a nice place..

  4. If went to Surabaya, I had. I stayed in Asrama Haji (Hajj Pilgrim Hostel) and visit BPDE (Institution of Electronic Data Management) and D-infokom (Information and Communication Services) or also known as Plaza Informasi. Do you know where are those? D-Infokom is near Red Bridge.
    This is the event when I went to Surabaya:

  5. i don’t know where the places you have mentioned are, all i know mostly shopping centers.. hehe. n i worked in government newspaper once, the office was near pasar turi station. when will u go to surabaya again? 🙂

  6. You don’t know The Famous Red Bridge near Hotel Yamato (I dont know what happen to that building now)?
    Since when I was in Elementary School that the first place in Surabaya that I never forget. I knew from History Lesson in school and from Indonesian Independence Epic Movies.

    Actually I really want to took a pic when passed that bridge but my cam battery had out of power hiks… 😦
    So I just taken by my cam phone which just have QCIF resolution (176×144 pixels) so small isn’t it? Smaller than standard resolution (640×480 px or VGA resolution)

    In that event, I just come to Surabaya to visit a few companies and government institutions, so we don’t went there for pleasure 🙂

  7. of course i know the famous bridge. i often visit the shopping centre near it, jembatan merah plasa. but i don’t know the BPDE etc. 🙂

  8. I’ve forget the web address that they given to us. If I’m not wrong it’s in A.Yani street isn’t it?
    Nice place for us. We were invited to enter their server room. So cold in the server room with large glass window.
    And behind that there are a lot of people using comp’s.

  9. i know a yani street. my fave radio station is located there, in graha pena. n i often cross that street.

  10. O ya, I remember, it’s near Graha Pena. The street has center divider with big trees.
    If I’m not wrong, it’s near Waduk Jatiluhur or not? Cause I saw like a small lake gitu 🙂

  11. waduk jatiluhur is not in east java, isn’t it in solo? there’s not any waduk/lake in surabaya. 🙂

  12. Nope, Jatiluhur isn’t in Solo. Actually Jatiluhur is in Purwakarta, West Java. It’s not a lake, but just large giant dam. I’ve forgot the name. But we passed it in our trip to BPDE office.

  13. i don’t know it either… i never see such dam or lake in surabaya. 🙂

  14. But I saw. Maybe it’s not a lake but it’s a big dam with wide water reservoir almost like a lake.
    If you visit Surabaya again, maybe you can ask people there..

  15. well i see… my friend visited me this morning. she told me that several days ago she went to depinfokom. i asked her about the lake n she said that it’s not a lake or dam, rather a big pond but it has not any name. next week i will go there too, maybe i can ask my friends about it. 🙂

  16. Ok, if you have more time in Surabaya, maybe you can take a pic of that big pond.
    But it’s near BPDE not D-Infokom. That’s I remember, cause I saw it in a trip from BPDE to D-Infokom.

  17. insyaallah… just wish me luck because the weather is quite bad recently. so it quite scary to go there these days. (lebay mode on) 😀

  18. wah, kunjungan perdana nih… di word nya mas rahmat.
    visit back?

  19. hehe… nuwun Mas…
    Insya Allah.. iki gek neng ugm.. gek buru2 hehe 🙂

  20. aku suka make koprol,. udah support mobile lebih dulu drpd plurk loh dulu,,keren bukan, hebat indonesia

  21. Masa’ ? Plurk mobile bukannya lbh duluan? Atau jangan2 Koprol pertama kali muncul berbasis mobile?
    Soalnya aku taunya ya dari web.

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